Helping professionals from non-traditional backgrounds break into Tech

You won't find any 'suit & tie' types of professionals here or people who were handed everything to them growing up.

That’s not us...ever.

We’re a diverse team of tech sales professionals with non-traditional backgrounds that were once underdogs. Since then, we’ve gone on to have successful careers in Tech that have transformed not only our lives, but the lives of our families.

We've been empowered to help others on their career journey so they experience all that Tech has to offer... tons of purpose driven companies solving big problems, fulfilling careers, and the highest paying jobs out there.

nextplay was started by LinkedIn alumni that helped scale their multi-billion dollar Talent Solutions business. We bring decades of combined experience and a deep network to help our fellows land their next role in Tech sales and succeed in those roles.

While working at LinkedIn, the term “next play” became an unofficial mantra and was often associated with someone who landed a new job or got promoted (i.e. “Congrats on your next play!”).

The term was inspired by legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University (also known as “Coach K”). Any time the team goes up and down the court and they complete a sequence, offense or defense, Coach K yells out the exact same thing, every time, “next play!” because he doesn't want the team lingering too long on what just took place, positive or negative. He wanted them to focus on what’s next.

And that’s what we do here at nextplay, we want to help you with what comes next.

Look forward to seeing you in our next cohort!


Meet some of our instructors

Don’t settle for less. Learn from the best instructors from the best companies.

Joseph Procopio
Lead Instructor @ nextplay
Account Executive @ LinkedIn
Reno Perry
Lead Instructor & Career Coach @ nextplay
Founder & CEO @ wiseful
Former Enterprise Account Executive @ LinkedIn & BetterUp
Katey Gama
Instructor @ nextplay
Enterprise Account Executive @ Slack
Brandon Pascal
Instructor @ nextplay
Account Executive @ Amazon
Jenna Goldstein
Instructor @ nextplay
Sr. Client Director @ Yoobic
Ryan Burgos
Lead Instructor @ nextplay
Enterprise Account Executive @ Gong